Smoking Cessation

Διακοπή καπνίσματος, Λεμεσός, Κύπρος, Smoking Cessation Limassol, Cyprus Smoking and the dependence on nicotine, is now confronted by the World Health Organization as a disease and addicts to nicotine as patients. Smoking cessation requires both medication and adequate medical supervision. Appropriate medications, which have received approval after clinical studies, can help both to stop smoking and reducing withdrawal symptoms. Treatment is individualized and duration, on average, lasts 2-3 months while the overall monitoring about one year. Smoking Cessation, Limassol, Lemesos, Cyprus, Kipros, cigarette, The success rates for smokers who received medication and proper supportive psychological treatment, is up to 80% in various studies. In contrast, only 5-10% of smokers gave up smoking after individual efforts. Independent and important factor, however, is the will of every individual. Those of you who really want to give up smoking feel free to come to Limassol and get all your questions answered.